The Whisky a mild, floral and many-faceted single malt whisky from the heart of Germany.

The story of the Harz Mountain single malt whisky  began in 2002, as a nameless project in the old forge (the original company building - built between 1250 and 1270) in the town of Wieda amidst the southern Harz Mountains.

While the company moved to the Elsbachtal (valley of the Els river) in the nearby village of Zorge, a name for the Harz Mountain single malt whisky was found - "The Glen Els"

Within the last 10 years this name became a synonymous for high-quality single malt whisky from the heart of Germany. the aromatic and most powerful counterpart to The Glen Els.

This single malt whisky gained many friends with the exceptional aroma of powerful casks and the distinctive destillate with loads of wood smoke (beech & alder).


In 2007 this malt was born as the master distiller's personal project and the malt was not meant to be sold.


Since many malt lovers got really keen about this malt, the master distiller decided to extend the production to about 1500 bottles per year.

The Glen Els - The classics

The Glen Els - The Journey